Women's Club

Welcome HVL Women’s Golf Club Members!



The Hidden Valley Lake Women’s Golf club will have a general membership meeting every third “Tuesday” of the month after golf is played. If for some reason, (e.g., inclement weather) golf is not played, the meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. in the Greenview Room restaurant – when available.

Officers 2018

Captain Deby Braun
Co-Captain Linda McAllister
Recording Secretary Liz Cummesky
Treasurer Barb Harris
Corres. Secretary Mariana Bendinelli

Standing Committees

Tournament Shirley Krause
Handicap Teresa Sand
Membership/Social Melanie Trayler
PWGA Genie Tyler
North Bay Debbie Meadows
Parliamentarian Nancy Erickson
Rules Debbie Meadows
Golf & Green Deby Braun

Special Committees

Majors Shirley Krause
Eclectic Adele Curtin
Awards Dorey Pendleton



Hidden Valley Lake

Mar 6 Season Opener
April 17 & 18 PWGA Team Play Qualifier
May 29, 30 & Jun 1 Match Play
Jun 4 Horse Race
Jun 5 Invitational
Jul 31 & Sep 1 President’s Cup
Sep 4, 5 & 7 Club Championship
Oct 16 & 17 Red & White

PWGA Playdays

Apr 23 TOCC @ Stonetree GC
May 21 Chardonnay GC
Jun 25 Paradise Valley GC (Team Play Qualifier)
Jul 23 Rooster Run GC
Aug 20 Foxtail GC
Sep 17 Ukiah GC
Oct 8 Oakmont West GC

PWGA Major Tournaments

May 1 & 2 Senior/Super Seniors
Jun 5 & 6 Spring Partners
Jul 9 & 10 Mixed Partners
August 7 & 8 PWGA Championship
Sep 11 & 12 Team Play Finals
Oct 2 & 3 Helen Lengfeld

North Bay

May 7 Blue Rock East GC, Vallejo
Jun 18 Hidden Valley Lake GC
Aug 6 Invitational, Oakmont West GC
Sep 10 President’s Day, Eagle Vines GC
Oct 22 Club Championship, Rooster Run GC

Play Days

Tuesday is the HVL Women’s Golf Club regular play day.

Posting Your Score

  • Post all 18- hole or 9-hole scores no matter where you play or what you score.
  • Post your score when you play at least 13 holes of an 18-hole round or at least 7 holes of a 9-hole round. On the holes you did not play, record a par plus the handicap strokes you would have received.
  • Scores must be made under the Rules of Golf and both match play and stroke play scores shall be used.

Adjust your scores with equitable stroke control

18-hole course handicap – Max # to post on any hole 9 or less 2 over par (dbl bogey) 10-19 7 20-29 8 30-39 9 40 and above 10

Do not post these scores

  • When you play in a competition limiting the types of clubs used such as a one-club or irons-only tournament.
  • When an 18-hole course is less than 3,000 yards.
  • When a majority of the holes aren’t played under the Rules of Golf, as in a “Scramble” or when the use of certain clubs is restricted. This does not apply when “Winter Rules” or “Preferred Lies” are authorized by the Committee. All scores must be posted unless the Committee decides differently due to abnormal conditions such as flood-damaged fairways.

Local Winter Rules

This must be authorized by the Committee for the play day or tournament. Player may lift, clean and place the ball within 6-inches of its original lie and no closer to the hole while preserving as nearly as possible the original lie of the ball. This does not allow improved placement of the ball on the green, from rough to fairway, or relief from hazards, out of bounds, bunkers, etc.

Description of Weekly Tournament Games

  • Beat the Pro: Full handicap. Gross or net scores to beat our Pro’s gross or net score. May be played with partners if two Pros play together.
  • Best Ball Twosome: Full handicap. Net best-ball of partners on each hole.
  • Best Nine: You choose the total of either the front nine or the back nine. Use 1/2 handicap.
  • Best of the Best: Add the three best par 3s, the three best par 4s and the three best par 5s. Use ½ handicap.
  • Bring Your Dimes aka Skins: Player with the lowest net score wins the hole. However, if 2 or more players tie for low net score on the hole, all tie and there is no winner on that hole and the point carry’s over to the next hole. No sweeps for the day.
  • Brown Bag or “Turkey Ball”: 4-person team event. After you finish with each hole, put all the balls in a bag, shake, and then blindly draw one out of the bag. The team must take that person’s net score for that hole plus the lowest net score of the players for your other score. Circle the Turkey Ball for each hole.
  • Chapman Format: 2-person team event. Both players hit their tee shot. For the second shot, hit each other’s ball, then, select one of these balls to continue to play. The next (3rd) shot is taken by the player who did not hit the ball that had just been selected. Hit alternate shots through the green until the ball is holed out. Repeat this process for each hole. Record one score for each hole. After 18 holes, total your score and deduct the combined handicap of the two partners divided by two.
  • Chicago System: Each player has a point quota based on handicap from a special table now shown here. Points are scored: Bogey=1, Par=2, Birdie=4, Eagle=8. The person whose point total, for 18 holes, most exceeds her quota wins. Points are based on gross scores. Points are based on gross scores.
  • Crier’s: Full handicap. Each player picks her two (2) worst holes and changes her score to par. Determine your net score after these adjustments.
  • Cross-Country: Player chooses hole #1 or hole #10, hole #2 or hole #11, etc. through all 18 holes. Then totals those nine holes chosen and deduct ½ handicap for game score.\
  • Either/Or: Choose the best score from #1 or #18, #2 or #16, #3 or #10, #4 or #11, #5 or #17, #6 or #12, #7 or #15, #8 or #14, #9 or #13. Subtract ½ handicap for game score.
  • Even Holes Only: Count player’s score on even holes only. Use ½ handicap.
  • Hate ‘Em: Before teeing off, circle the two holes you absolutely hate. Deduct your score on these two holes from your total gross score before deducting full handicap.
  • Irons Only: Use irons only. You must remove your woods including metal woods from your bag before teeing off. Driving irons must be approved by the Committee. DO NOT POST.
  • Mutt and Jeff: Total score of par 3s and par 5s. Use ½ handicap.
  • O.N.E.S.: Total score from holes beginning with letters O.N.E.S. (1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17, & 18). Use ½ handicap.
  • Odd Holes Only: Count score on odd holes only. Use ½ handicap.
  • Orange Ball, aka Angel Ball: 4 person-team. Each player rotates using the colored ball. Lowest handicap starts 1st hole: players #1 uses the colored ball and hers is the only score that counts for that hole. 2nd hole: the next player uses the colored ball and hers is the only score that counts for that hole, and so through 18 holes. At the end of the game you will have one score per hole. Total these scores and deduct the team handicap (total all four players handicaps and divide by 4 to get the team handicap).
  • Partners Odd/Even: Before play begins, partners must decide which player’s score will count on odd holes and which on even holes. Strokes awarded where they fall.
  • Red, White & Blue: 4-person team event. Full handicap. Red flags one (1) best ball; White flag two (2) best balls; Blue flag three (3) best balls.
  • Relay: Partners. One player’s scores are used on the front nine and the other player’s scores are used on the back nine. Total the handicap of the partners and divide by two, deduct from gross total.
  • Scratch & Scramble: Partners gross scores are added together for each hole and then divided by for the score of the hole. At the end of the game add the hole-by-hole scores and deduct the handicap of the two partners added together and divided by two.
  • Scratch Three: After completion of her game, the player scratches her three worst holes, totals the other fifteen holes and deducts half of her handicap for the game score.
  • Select Nine: After play has been completed, players are told which 9 holes the Pro Shop has chosen. Use ½ handicap.
  • Six-Six-Six: Pick your own partner. Holes 1-6 Scrambles, holes 7-12 better ball of partner, and holes 13-18 alternate shot. Players may not exceed 9 strokes difference in handicap. Partners may have higher difference, but must play at lower handicap +9. DO NOT POST.
  • Stableford Competitions: A form of stroke competition in which points are awarded in relation to a fixed score (par) at each hole as follows: more than one over fixed score or no score returned =0; one over fixed score =1; fixed score =2; one under fixed score =3; two under fixed score =4; three under fixed score =5; four under fixed score =6. Players use their net scores on each hole to calculate points. The winner is the competitor who scores the highest number of points.
  • Sucker-in-the-Bucket: 4-person teams. On the first hole played use one (1) net best ball of the foursome. On the second hole, use one (1) net best ball of the remaining threesome. The player whose ball you used on the first hole is out of the best ball until after the next two holes are played. On the third hole you play, use one (1) net best ball of the remaining twosome. The two players who balls you used on the previous holes one and two are out of the best ball until after one more hole is played. On the fourth hole you play, you must use the last player’s net ball, this person is the Sucker-in-the-Bucket. Use this routine for the remainder of the round. Please circle the player’s ball used for each hole. This is a must or your scorecard will be discarded. Tournament score is the total of the one net best ball for each hole.
  • T & F: Total score from holes beginning with T & F (2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14 & 15).
  • Three Blind Mice: Full handicap. Deduct the three worst holes from your gross score.
  • Three Clubs & Putter: The player chooses 3 clubs and a putter. All other clubs must be left out of their bag.
The game is played with just these clubs and you score like a regular golf game. Use full handicap. DO NOT POST.
  • Two-Best Ball Foursome: Record lowest two (2) net scores for the team on each hole. Then, these scores are totaled for the team score at the end.